"Negotiation means getting the best of your opponent."

Marvin Gaye

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Business conflicts

Negotiation and mediation of business conflicts

Conflicts are a source of frustration, loss of time and money and inefficiency within your organisation  and in your business contacts.
At the same time, conflicts give the possibility to create a new business future.

Crises are challenges! It is important for your business activity that

  • the solution is held in own hands: you yourself know the conflict and its possibilities for solution better than anyone else;
  • the solution leads to business value: the conflict allows to create a new future which should be commercially relevant;
  • the relationship with the business partner, customer, supplier, partner, manager,  in whom often much time, money and effort were invested, is not lost;
  • the conflict is resolved quickly, discreetly and cost effectively.

Intra party conflict resolution offers you those opportunities.
AGREMENTOR can of course also offer other, more traditional conflict resolution methods, such as court proceedings and arbitration in case negotiation and mediation unexpectedly would not lead to a negotiated solution.

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