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Mediation of complex contracts

AGREMENTOR will advise and assist you in organising and participating in a mediation in case of difficult contract negotiations (Deal Mediation).
In Deal Mediation parties rely on a professional, specialised mediator, who guides them to the commercially best possible agreement in their contract negotiations.
The mediator

  • gives structure to the conversation.
  • facilitates the communication between the negotiating teams;
  • helps parties to avoid or eliminate the barriers to a negotiated solution.

AGREMENTOR provides you with the necessary know-how to

  • select a competent and adequate mediator;
  • draft a Deal Mediation agreement;
  • put together the negotiating team which will participate to the Deal Mediation;
  • elaborate a professional and adapted mediation strategy;
  • prepare the negotiation team for the Deal Mediation;
  • guide the team at the mediation table;
  • Draft and close a professionally negotiated, legally sound and enforceable agreement.
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