"In business, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate"

Chester L. Karrass

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The AGREMENTOR trainings

The AGREMENTOR trainings are aimed at decision-makers in the socio-economic life and their advisors.

AGREMENTOR has the ambition to organise first-rate trainings both in content and catering.
All trainings are always developed and taught by two experienced mediators, Theo DE BEIR and Wim MEUWISSEN (photos). 
The training material is extensive and the content is of the highest quality.
The AGREMENTOR trainings are held in prime locations, with great attention to environment and catering.
AGREMENTOR offers the following external programs:

  1. Assertive and empathic: The conflict attitude of the professional manager
  2. Negotiation of business conflicts
  3. Participating professionally in an (international) mediation
  4. The court expert as conflict resolver

AGREMENTOR also offers these trainings in house and develops customised trainings according to your business needs.

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