"Start out with an ideal and end up with a deal."

Karl Albrecht

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Assertive and empathic

The conflict attitude of the professional manager

In this 3-day training, decision makers are initiated into assertive and empathic behaviour, the basic attitude of every professional manager in a conflict.

The first day is a general overview of the different types of conflicts and possible methods of conflict resolution. Here, powerful basic principles, basic characteristics and models are given.
The second day, the phenomenon of "conflict" is dealt with in great detail, where the conflict structure, the conflict dynamics and the evolution of the personality of the participants in conflicts are analysed. 
The third day is about conflict avoidance and conflict resolution, communication, the basic tool of every conflict resolution track
The training offers the ideal 50/50-mix of theory and practice. The theoretical concepts are intensively practiced the same day.
The participation fee for this training is 1.200,00 EUR exclusive VAT (1,452.00 EUR VAT included) per person.
If you are interested in this training, further information can be found here