"In business, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate"

Chester L. Karrass

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Negotiation of business conflicts

This 5-day training teaches your middle and top management in a structured manner the theory and practice of effective and value-creating negotiation. Also the legal aspects of each negotiation topic is addressed.
The first day, the basic concepts of principled negotiation are addressed such as the difference between integrative and distributive negotiations, the negotiators dilemma, BATNA, WATNA, RATNA, EATNA, reservation price, ZOPA, Pareto Optimum, Nash Point ...
The second day is devoted to the analysis of the tensions arcs which underlie any negotiation: the tension between value creation and value distribution, between assertiveness and empathy and between principal and agent.
The third day deals with the way in which a professional conflict negotiation is to be prepared.
This is done by means of checklists and models which the participant can immediately apply in his negotiating activities.
The fourth day focuses in great detail on what happens between the negotiators at the table. How bring the other party to the negotiating table, communication techniques, anchoring, counter anchoring, making concessions, using the passage of time, offering package deals,  the conclusion of the agreement are being addressed.
The fifth day highlights the agreement resulting from the negotiations and the various methods which exist to render a negotiated agreement enforceable.
Also this training involves 50% theory and 50% practice. The practice consists in role plays, based on real life cases, which the participants need to prepare.
The training is offered at 2.500,00 EUR exclusive VAT (3.025.00 EUR including VAT) per person.
If you are interested in this training, further information can be found here