"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But, let us never fear to negotiate."

John F. Kennedy

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The court expert as conflict resolver

The court expert is a highly educated professional who should be able to apply conflict resolution techniques in all circumstances. Thorough understanding of the basic principles of conflict resolution and how to put these principles in practice is therefore necessary.
During this six-day training, the court expert acquires both legal and conflict resolution expertise and how to apply the proper conflict resolution technique throughout the process.
The court expert recognises that the court expertise is a special kind of conflict resolution conversation, in which he is dedicated to applying modern conflict resolution techniques.
The court expert monitors the communication between the parties and brings them to de -escalating useful communication.
The court expert intervenes with barrier-breaking techniques whenever the conflict resolution on the part of the parties falters.
The court expert knows that in the course of the court expertise up  to 5 key moments exist, at which he may bring parties in a substantiated manner to conciliatio

All this fits of course in the legal straitjacket impose on the court expert, by the Judicial Code.

The price for the training of 6 training days (48 hours) is 3.000,00 EUR exclusive VAT or 3.630.00 EUR including VAT per person.
If you are interested in this training, further information can be found here