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Terms and Conditions - Training

  1. Once AGREMENTOR receives the registration of the candidate, the candidate will receive a confirmation of registration.  The sending of the acknowledgment makes the enrolment actual and final.  From the moment of the confirmation of registration to the candidate, the registration fee, including VAT, for the training is finally and irrevocably due.
  2. Since the number of places is limited, the available places are allocated in the order in which payments of the registration fee arrive.
  3. The day after the registration, a cash invoice is sent.  Full payment must arrive to AGREMENTOR before the start of the training.
  4. Each participant who is prevented to attend the full training, may be substituted, if he requests so before the beginning of the training.
  5. AGREMENTOR reserves the right to cancel the training if a minimum number of participants is not reached and only in this case, all received sums are repaid.
  6. If a dispute arises between the parties concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of these terms which can not be amicably resolved, then the parties will primarily rely on mediation and they undertake to participate loyally.
    From the moment a request for mediation by one of the parties is filed, the parties have 15 days to agree on the name of an accredited mediator, listed on the updated list of mediators approved by the Federal Mediation Commission.  The mediation will start at the latest 15 days after the selection of the mediator.  The mediation should last no longer than 15 days, unless otherwise expressly agreed by the parties.
    If the mediation fails, only the courts of the judicial district of Brussels have jurisdiction.